About Us

PPractice Area

  • Industrial Graphic Designs
  • Website Security and Development Structure
  • Database Design & Integration
  • Multimedia Visual Demo Designs
  • 2D/3D motion Graphics
  • Strokes of Animated parts in 2D presentation
  • CorelDraw Professional
  • Photo Morphing. Picture Tricks and AI addons
  • Photo Painting
  • Illustration, Sketches, Drawing for prints-plus

eHub ONE by Cyril Robinson
Our primary language is WEB, within years of experience we can re-write and talk Web-PHP integration. When working on big projects My team and I always make sure to use latest and most optimized way of coding and keeping code performance, security, flexibility and readability in mind. When developing web sites with external API's We make sure proper caching technologies are used to ensure project will not slow down or ensued with operation challenges.

eBrand Project Development
We create websites that allow the user to experience the best experience and most appropriate way suited to the device they are using. By working using progressive enhancement, a website is delivered with a responsive layout that can best make use of the space available on the smallest to largest devices. Cross browser compatibility is ensured by using feature detection so older browsers still in use today provide a solid experience, whilst modern browsers can go the next step and enhance the users time spent on your site. eBrand Project Team has contributed immensely to various problem solving challenges to many companies in and outside Africa. Cyril Robinson has always been at the forefront of every project because his eagle detail eyes will always want 200% perfection from every impute on any project. His capacity as a leader and convener requires flexible financial engagement but his upbringing as an innovator made it simple to dive into projects while sourcing for financial support.   

Cyril Robinson Design Coy.
Officially, eHub One, eBrand Projects and VemmaPay Mobile Pay Application are some of major our major ongoing projects being handled by the convener Director of eBrand Projects Nigeria. After years of successful supports and execution of uncommon solution to various companies in Nigeria and Abroad, Our team of developers are proud to announce a branch of production, Web Media Development as our core competence area. Working with many innovative and chain of young talents, places most reviews about us as 'Multi-Tasking in Solution provider in specialized software customization. In our years of experience, it is best to concentrate solely on one aspect of creating a web solution whilst still having applicable knowledge of other innovative areas (such as design and back end development) to be of the most value for small and large businesses to move steps ahead of common issues facing smooth flow of works and trending.

Although we no longer take on projects that are solely design and printing now, We believe in provision of valuable design experience to a project, aim to achieve the same level of vision as design agencies because we pass through that creative and innovative part during our basic stages in multimedia/visual production. Team CYRILROBINSON.COM in our over two decades of project execution support ranging from design, web aggregation, online solutions on security and live streams to our current status as Internet broadcasting support for media companies; Radio stations; Television remote exposition using online support Application Interface Programming (API+).

We are comfortable in various Solution Building Apps;  just as comfortable working with remote Google Server - end solutions, provision of remote source gateway and branding application to suite your corporate entity using premium solutions that we can manage and give training for usage too.

With transitions, animations, video and audio APIs, a wide variety of interactive and distribution hardcore programs we are always the right support team to engage when it comes to solving issues around that brief. Working with smart device and system networking especially the web is more immersive than ever. This level of immersion is just as important to a user’s experience as design is, for this reason, we work with handful of trusted expects who test of solution and give premium solutions too in the writing of code development and execution to conform with universal matrix of inter-connectivity just in case, it is a must have experience working with us as a team.

eHubONE is an Idea of Cyril Robinson and a team of entrepreneur for exacting eye for detail just as designers does.

Other skills
For many projects we rely on tools and open-source libraries such as jQuery, jPlayer, Slim, Laravel, NPM, Composer, SAAS, Github, etc...

We enjoy writing and sharing our knowledge and experiences with others in the form of blog tutorials/articles/seminars.

We do enjoy contributing to open source projects one of them is called Centova Cast from which we actively supported in the idea expansions, updating and releases of our own modules version called eBrandcast & mobile-Caster that form part of radio Player in the Online Radio CMS with CSS3 in the stand alone for HTML5 and JavaScript.